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Smart Garage Video Keypad

Eyes on your real front door

The myQ Smart Garage® Video Keypad allows users to monitor and control access for their household, guests, and service providers. Concerned parents can have peace of mind that they are on top of who accessed their home throughout the day.

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Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

Control your garage from anywhere, even without a Wi-Fi® garage door opener, by adding a Chamberlain Smart Garage Control.

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Smart Garage Door Openers

Control your garage from anywhere with a smart opener.

If you own a LiftMaster or Chamberlain brand garage door opener with a Wi-Fi or Powered by myQ logo—you can connect for free. Just download the myQ app.

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Smart Cameras

Monitor the comings and goings of your home and garage right from your smartphone with HD streaming and real-time alerts.

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Smart Locks

Ensure all your home’s main entry points are secure. Upgrade existing locks with a keyless entry system that can be locked or unlocked from the myQ app.

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myQ Pet Portal

Designed to replace an existing exterior entry door, the myQ Pet Portal is a secure, smart dog door solution that allows you to let your pet out to potty and play when you’re not home.

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