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Optimize dock efficiency, safety and profitability

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Reduce operational expenses and detention fees whiles improving security and profitability.

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myQ Dock Management

myQ Dock Management gives you real-time status of LiftMaster commercial door operators and loading dock equipment with iDock Controls from Poweramp, McGuire, and DLM. Visual reports make it easy to analyze dock activity and make decisions to enhance efficiency, improve load times and reduce detention fees.

Improve Efficiency


Review forklift activity, receive alerts of inefficient loading sessions and compare activity time stamps at your loading dock on any date.



Evaluate/manage truck detention times and get notified when trucks are there past required load times.



Receive open door alerts and monitor activity at unrestrained trailers. A 3-color light communication system lets you know when conditions may be unsafe.

Improve Efficiency


Track equipment cycle count and receive alerts of past due maintenance.


Always know what’s happening

Quickly review real-time status of all your loading docks, including which docks are available, approaching or past your load-time requirement, and time stamps of recent activity. Assign trucks to a dock with carrier information for a more accurate look into turn and dwell times.

detention fees

Keep records of truck activity

Compare and manage any incurred detention fees by carrier or date.

Prioritize Safety

Make sure no one gets hurt

View the percentage of trucks safely restrained and how many were put in bypass mode at each dock.

data-based decisions

Smarter is better

Analyze individual truck-at-dock sessions to correct any inefficiencies or evaluate estimated detention fees.

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Historical reports

Historical reports analyze your dock activity to help improve loading efficiency, dock performance and utilization. You can also search for any past truck-at-dock session to review the recorded loading activity of each, as well as any detention fees you may have incurred.

Historical Data

Evaluate patterns

Review the number of trucks serviced at each dock, average load times, and any amount of detention time.

Eliminate inefficiencies

Check the total amount of time any dock doors are unnecessarily left open without a truck present.

Add myQ Dock Management to your facility

Time is money when every second counts in your warehouse. With myQ Dock Management, you have real-time data and 100% visibility to every dock space. Get the insights you need about every dock event to analyze how it impacts load time, turn time and dwell time. Make data-driven decisions to maintain or improve your operations, increase productivity, and reduce detention fees that impact your bottom line.



LiftMaster offers a complete portfolio of products to keep your business running smoothly.


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myQ Smart Facility Access is a cloud-based solution that keeps you up to date and in control of all of your facility’s access points, allowing you to work smarter, improve efficiencies and reduce expenses.

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Facility Managers

Facility Managers

Facility managers can use insights from the software to understand trends, eliminate inefficiencies and manage a more productive warehouse.


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