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STEER Tech + myQ®

Autonomous parking for home

By integrating Chamberlain Group’s myQ® Auto solution and STEER’s autonomous parking technology, homeowners with a myQ smart garage now have self-parking and auto summon capabilities for their vehicles.

Driverless valet service

Designed to save time, reduce frustration and create a seamless transportation experience, STEER’s aftermarket, full-service platform provides an autonomous parking solution that allows drivers to safely park or summon their car using the STEER app on their smartphone.

Built-in sensing and safety features

myQ Auto's Intelligent Door State technology works with the STEER app to share real-time garage door status data for driverless cars. This enables the STEER app to understand if the garage door is open or closed, to take necessary action to allow the vehicle to park itself. Understanding the state of the garage door mitigates the risk of remote-starting and summoning a driverless car when the garage door is still closed. When closed, the myQ Safe Remote Start feature sends an automatic alert to the car owner through the STEER app letting the owner know it is unsafe to start the car and prompting the owner to open the garage door. This feature helps prevent dangerous situations, such as hazardous carbon monoxide conditions in the garage.

Perfect for inaccessible
garage spaces.

The myQ Intelligent Door State, combined with STEER, gives your car the ability to safely park in tight, otherwise inaccessible spaces. Homeowners can comfortably exit their car from outside the garage, then send their car into the garage to park. They can also have the car waiting for them in the driveway when they want to leave home. myQ Intelligent Door State brings intelligence to the garage door to take proper action.

Bring automation to your car.

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