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Make intelligent,
data-driven decisions
Receive insights and monitor your entire facility—in real time.

What myQ Facility software can do

Add connectivity to your LiftMaster commercial door operators, gate operators
and access controls for real-time data that improves operational efficiency.

Commercial intelligence reporting

Get data. Track goals.

Work smarter
Analyze the activity of commercial doors, docks and gates to efficiently manage facility operations. Make data-driven decisions that impact productivity, maintenance, and compliance needs.

Bolster your business
Learn about operational outliers and know which doors are costing you too much.

Prepare for anything
Easily generate reports to demonstrate proof of safety and compliance (e.g., Food Safety Modernization Act/FSMA).

Report success
Generate custom reports to demonstrate proof of compliance, set activity benchmarks, and communicate key operational KPIs.

Facility Visualization

See more. Know more.

Customized facility view
Upload an image of your facility to create a custom dashboard that shows the locations of your commercial door operators, dock equipment and gate operators.

Get a clear picture
In real time, visually manage your commercial door operators, dock equipment and gate operators.

Monitor and control
Be in control. See what’s open and closed and for how long it’s been open or closed in days, hours or minutes.

Maintenance efficiency
Record your operator and door specifications for first call-resolution and reduced downtime.
•   Door & Operator Model
•   System Cycle Usage
•   Installed Accessories

Delegate control

Be safe. Be secure.

Assign permission-based access to your team members. You can set facility access by person, group, time and location, maintaining insight into every facility access point. From the perimeter to the commercial door and dock space, you’ll know it all.

Know its secured
•   Track and record user activities.
•   Track and record commercial door and gate operator activity.
•   Receive email notifications confirming the secure closing of all access points.
•   Set advanced alert notifications for custom-defined access events.

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We didn’t know, what we didn’t know.

When we set up myQ® Facility to send alerts anytime our doors were left open for longer than an hour, we initially were flooded by 60 notifications a day. But with the problem identified, we changed our operations process, reduced the number of notifications by half and significantly reduced our energy costs.

– Katsiroubas Produce
Boston, MA

Premier hardware meets cutting edge software

See How myQ Facility Works
Facility Managers

Facility Managers

Facility managers can use insights from the software to understand trends, eliminate inefficiencies and manage a more productive warehouse.


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myQ Dock Management

myQ Dock Management

myQ Dock Management service provides a seamless, real-time view across warehouse doors and docks that are powered by LiftMaster commercial operators and loading dock equipment with iDock Controls from Poweramp, McGuire and DLM.

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