A smart home begins with
a smart garage.

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Connecting your garage with myQ® is easy.

Have a Wi-Fi®-enabled garage door opener? Get the free myQ App.

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Garage opener not Wi-Fi enabled? Get a Chamberlain® Smart Garage™ Hub.

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Want to upgrade your garage opener? Check out Chamberlain’s smart garage door openers.

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Control on the go.

Monitor and control your garage from anywhere and keep tabs on your family's comings and goings like never before.

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Secure your packages.

Always know where your packages are by securing them with in-garage delivery whether you're home or away.


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Connect your business.

Manage the ins and outs of your community or facility with myQ Business cloud-based access control.

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Smart partnerships.

myQ works with leading connectivity brands to complete your smart-home experience.