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Connecting Access & OPEX

myQ Enterprise is the first and only platform that directly connects your facility’s access points—like entry gates, dock doors, and sensors— to productivity. This gives you full visibility to help you get shipments in and out of your facility faster.

Connecting Access & OPEX Connecting Access & OPEX

We Build the Hardware That Powers the Software

The myQ Enterprise software is enabled by industry-leading dock and yard access hardware. We are the only company providing Industrial IoT access hardware and cloud-based services in one ecosystem – the only single-sourced solution to digitize and automate your yard and dock operations.

Yard Access Controls
Commercial Door Automation
Dock Levelers & Sensors
Industrial Gate Automation
Dock Door Automation
Vehicle Restraints
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myQ Enterprise solution myQ Enterprise solution

Turn Pain Points into Productivity

Does your facility still rely on white boards, spreadsheets, and phone calls to manage yard and dock traffic? We have designed a better approach. myQ Enterprise harnesses connected access data to track and automate inbound and outbound activities. We provide a modern solution to old school methods, saving you significant time and labor costs.

Facility Management for the Future

Using AI and machine learning, myQ Enterprise is transforming the IIoT yard facility into a reality. Everything in your yard is connected and optimized, resulting in significant annual cost savings. It is the only end-to-end facility management solution on the market—featuring integrations with leading warehouse management systems, too.

See Every Access Point See Every Access Point

See Every Access Point

Know where your trailer is at every moment. No more missing shipments. Plus, analysis and reports with time stamps to prove it.

Stay on Schedule Stay on Schedule

Stay on Schedule

Monitor and control yards and docks in real-time to optimize the flow of traffic from gate to dock.

pgrade Your Security pgrade Your Security

Upgrade Your Security

Control access to your yard and facility. Automate check in to allow only authorized drivers and employees on site.

Lower Labor + Operating Costs Lower Labor + Operating Costs

Lower Labor + Operating Costs

Get real-time notifications and manage dwell times. Reduce number of inventory touches and labor cost.

myQ Connected Garage + Mercedes-Benz

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myQ Enterprise is a one-stop gate-to-dock performance upgrade that helps you automate and optimize operations across your facility's inbound and outbound logistics. This allows you to improve management, visibility, safety and security of your facility.

Pre-arrival Pre-arrival


Appointment Scheduling

Make the most of your drivers’ on-site time. Reduce late-fees and time spent in the yard while avoiding backups at every access point – from gate to dock.

Pre-arrival Pre-arrival


Dynamic Dock Assignment

Using machine learning, we optimize and automate the dock assignment process based on load details. myQ Enterprise reduces trailers sent to the yard and, ultimately, dwell time.

Gate Gate


Digital Check In / Check Out

Leverage our mobile platform or smart kiosk at the gate to ensure a fast and accurate check-in experience. This eliminates paper-based processes and minimizes manual-entry errors.

Yard Gate


Mobile Driver Communications

Connect drivers via mobile with clear instructions on exactly where they need to be so they can get there as quickly as possible.

Dock Dock


Smart Dock Management

Get a view of your entire dock from one platform. See any bay doors that are open and close them from anywhere. Get insightful tools and reports to maximize efficiency and reduce detention fees.



Helpful Integrations

myQ Enterprise integrates with other leading warehouse management systems and more. These integrations ensure you have complete visibility across the facility.



Analytics That Power Productivity

Machine learning is applied to access-point data to optimize your upcoming inbound appointments. It lets you know what is working efficiently and what isn’t.



Real-time Updates and Visibility

Instead of relying on sticky notes and emails, keep your guards, receiving management, and facility managers on the same page with live updates and instant communication.

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