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myQ Connected Garage
Monitor and control your home and garage from your vehicle.

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Control from anywhere.

Designed to integrate with car manufacturers' connected service platform, myQ Smart Vehicle Access serves as a building block for rich, intelligent and predictive driver experiences.

Geofence technology.

When you leave or arrive home, an intelligent geofence recognizes your vehicle’s location and automatically opens or closes your garage door.

Remote, hands-free access.

Use your vehicle’s infotainment system as a remote to control your garage door and smart home-connected devices from anywhere.

In-car notifications.

Receive alerts and notifications through your vehicle's touchscreen when your connected devices changes state.

Smart safety features.

myQ Smart Vehicle Access is the only software that can engage smart safety features like Intelligent Door State™ monitoring that can identify the state of the garage door (open or closed) and vehicle presence.

By knowing the state of the door and the presence of the vehicle, car manufactures can implement Safe Remote Start™, which alerts users if a garage door is closed when a vehicle remote start function is activated. This unique feature eliminates the potential risk of carbon monoxide build-up in the event a start command was remotely sent to the vehicle while the garage door was closed.