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Fire Chief:
Remotely Control Your
Doors with myQ® Facility

myQ® Smart Facility Access combines LiftMaster® hardware and myQ Facility software to help you view the status of your station doors and control them remotely. Get started today with a solution customized for your needs.

A Smarter Way In for Any Property Type
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Get out fast and know the door is closed

Improve efficiency

Know door status

From the myQ Facility dashboard, remotely view the status of all of your station’s doors so you always know what is happening. You can also open and close them from anywhere.

Reduce expenses

View event logs

Every fire chief is accountable for a station’s performance. myQ Facility provides event logs to make it easier for you to know when each door opened and closed.

Prioritize safety

Schedule to close

Don’t worry about leaving your fire station door open while on a call. Program your doors to close automatically after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed.

Simplify maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Get notified in time for preventative operator maintenance. myQ Facility sends you alerts when there’s an issue with your hardware so you can contact your local dealer.

A Smarter Way In for Residents and Guests

“No two calls are ever the same”

“No two calls are ever the same, but I know that our custom solution from LiftMaster and myQ Facility helps make every turnout safe and efficient.”

– Battalion Chief Jeff Marciniak
Oak Brook, IL, Fire Department

Gain Peace of Mind That Your Station is Secure

The myQ Facility dashboard lets you remotely view the status of all your station’s doors and close them from anywhere. This helps you rest easy that your station is always secure, not vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

A Smarter Way for Owners and Managers to Protect People and Property
A Smarter Way In for Residents and Guests

Improve Performance and Ensure Accountability from Your Team

Give everyone on your team specific credentials so you know who is opening each door (and when). myQ Facility provides a record of all door activity to help you learn from your turnouts, improve performance, and keep your team members accountable.

Stay Focused On Your Call,
Not Your Station’s Door

Schedule your station door to close a few minutes after you leave from the myQ Facility software. This way you can focus on the job at hand and never worry about the door being left open when you are on a call.

A Smarter Way for Owners and Managers to Protect People and Property
A Smarter Way In for Residents and Guests

Always Be Ready to Respond to Emergencies

Never be caught off guard. myQ Facility alerts you when your operator is due for preventative maintenance so that you can preemptively reduce unplanned downtime. When your job is responding to emergencies, you can’t afford to allow a hardware issue stop you in the station.

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