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MyQ® has teamed up with the biggest names in connected technology allowing you to customize how your MyQ-enabled garage door opener and lights interact with your favorite smart devices and home automation platforms such as voice control, location based closing or being able to control MyQ via the partner app.
The Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app puts the control and management of your security system and other devices including lights and locks on your mobile device. Now you can add myQ garage control to the Total Connect app to access all your home automation devices in one place.
Use the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home to ask MyQ to check the status of your garage door and close it. To get started, link to the Google Assistant in the MyQ app today. Subscription fee applies after 30- day free trial ends.

Connect your MyQ-enabled garage door opener to hundreds of your favorite apps and devices using IFTTT. For more enhanced, customized control of your garage, link to IFTTT vin the MyQ app today. Subscription fee applies after 30 - day free trial ends.

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Home Bridge Home Bridge

MyQ Meets Apple® HomeKit MyQ Home Bridge is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri® Voice Control. If you are an existing MyQ user with an Apple device, upgrade your garage door opener and MyQ lights with HomeKit to make your smart garage even smarter.

MyQ gives you access to your home, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere. As a Works with Nest product, MyQ allows you enhanced control of your Nest camera and Nest thermostat from within the MyQ app, presenting a suite of connected home products that give you even more awareness, security, comfort and peace of mind.

Xfinity Home Xfinity Home

Feel confident knowing you're connected and protected with XFINITY Home. Set rules to get real-time notifications of activity in your home, like when your garage door is opened. Link your MyQ devices to your existing XFINITY Home account in the MyQ app or talk to a XFINITY representative today.

Monitor and control all of your connected Wink devices, including your MyQ garage door opener, along with lights, thermostats, motion detectors, video cameras, locks, power strips and more.

Xfinity Home Xfinity Home

Linking MyQ® to Alpine Connect gives you the ability to monitor and control smart home devices from anywhere through compatible Alpine in-dash navigation systems.

Add MyQ garage control to your Clare Controls home automation system. Clare's smart home and security products enhance safety and convenience in one sleek, simple to use app.

clare controls

Stay connected to your home, from wherever you are. Chamberlain® products enabled with MyQ® allow you to control your garage door and the lights in your home from your Tesla in-dash touchscreen, giving you peace of mind from anywhere your Tesla takes you.

Seamlessly connect your myQ-enabled opener and accessories to your security system and extend peace of mind to the garage. Talk to your representative to get started today.

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