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Access to home, even on the road.

I have been using MyQ since 2014. As a territory sales manager, I was often traveling for business. myQ has helped make my life a lot more convenient! I travel nearly every week and don’t have much time to shop, so I shop a lot online. I still open my garage and have friends put packages inside for me. I’m looking forward to trying the new in-garage delivery product.


I have my lights inside my house and five cameras connected to myQ. It’s easy. I like the peace of mind of having my lights turn on when I’m frequently away from the house. With all of I’ve done with myQ, I have many friends and family asking about myQ and how they can connect it too!


— Kevin S.

myQ for the whole family.

We love our myQ app!


We have a “high-spirited” toddler and it often takes a lot of effort to get her out of the house and into the car. So, remembering whether or not we closed our garage door comes up more often than we care to admit. myQ helps us feel good about knowing the status of our garage door wherever we may be.


The myQ notifications are great. Whenever the garage door opens, you know it. When it closes, you know it.


We also gave my in-laws a Smart Garage Hub for Christmas and they are already raving about it. They tell us we can’t make “surprise visits” anymore without them knowing. I guess it’s a blessing and a curse!


— Erika M.

Open the garage from a world away.

For years, I’ve relied on myQ to keeps tabs on my garage doors in my two home locations — Tucson and Chicago.


Recently, I had a problem with my pool in Tucson. I happened to be in Sydney, Australia and woke up at 3:00 a.m. when I saw my phone flash a Tucson number. I answered the phone and was told that the service technician was at my home and unable to repair my pool because the old part wasn’t there. I told the technician that the part was in the garage. I said I could open the garage door for him so he could retrieve the part.


I then used the myQ app to open the door and it worked perfectly. He couldn’t believe I could open my door in Tucson from Australia!


— Colin W.

Making detached feel closer to home.

myQ has changed my life because I am able to know when my garage door opens and closes. This is important because I keep a lot of valuable items in my garage. This includes two cars, golf clubs, snow blower, triathlon bike, tennis gear, and other sporting equipment.


My garage is detached from my home, about 100 feet from my back door, so it is even more important to be able to check and see if it is open or not. Not knowing what is happening in my garage is a constant fear that I have, especially because an elderly neighbor once drove through my garage and I had no idea that it had happened, even though I was in my house at the time. With myQ, I get the added convenience that even in the harsh winter weather, so I don’t have to go outside to check on my garage, but can instead just check the myQ app on my phone.


— Jackie S.

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*Erika, Colin, Kevin, and Jackie are employees of The Chamberlain Group, Inc.