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Safer Schools Initiative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the Safer Schools Initiative? Faq arrow

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s keeping our kids and educators safe. That’s why LiftMaster® is giving away FREE Smart Video Intercom Systems to help you improve safety at your school. A Smart Video Intercom, combined with myQ® Community software, puts you in control of who is entering your building. These smart systems give visual and audio confirmation of who is at the door, with the power to grant or deny entry. Using the software, administrators can view a 24/7 live feed of authorized entrances with a detailed log of access events. Most importantly, they can lock connected doors remotely from anywhere. With the Safer Schools Initiative, LiftMaster is giving away 100 Smart Video Intercoms Systems (a Smart Video Intercom and myQ Community software for the life of the device) to schools for free. Qualified schools must include grades K-8 and have limited visibility to the front entrance.

How many Smart Video Intercom Systems is LiftMaster giving away? Faq arrow

LiftMaster is giving away 100 Smart Video Intercom Systems to schools that include grades K-8 with limited visibility to main entrances. Schools will be selected based on the order of qualified applications received. Depending on the size of the school and/or entrance, schools will receive either a medium-sized intercom (Smart Video Intercom-M) or a small-sized intercom (Smart Video Intercom-S).

Does the offer include a video subscription plan? Faq arrow

Yes! In addition to receiving a free Smart Video Intercom, participating schools will get a free myQ Community video subscription base plan that will be covered for the lifetime of the device. The myQ Community platform allows schools to view, control and lock entrances from a single dashboard. Teachers and staff can let themselves into the building using the myQ Community app, while administrators can send one-time or recurring access codes to delivery workers or cleaning crews.

What is the overall value of this package? Faq arrow

A LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom with a myQ Community video subscription plan (for the lifetime of the device) has an estimated average value of more than $5,000. If your school is selected to participate in the Safer Schools Initiative, you will receive the Smart Video Intercom and software for free.

How can my school apply for a free Smart Video Intercom System? Faq arrow
Your school can enter to receive a free Smart Video Intercom System using the form on this page or reach out to us via email at SaferSchools@liftmaster.com.
What is the selection process and timeframe for application? Faq arrow
Schools eligible for the giveaway should include grades K-8 with limited visibility to a main entrance. Additionally, we are limiting the giveaway to 10 Smart Video Intercom Systems per school district. Schools will be selected in the order the applications are received until LiftMaster has given away all 100 free Smart Video Intercoms.
Will schools that get a free Smart Video Intercom System be asked to do anything? Faq arrow
Your school’s name, image, statements, and installation photographs may be used in future LiftMaster promotional materials. A LiftMaster representative may also reach out to you regarding a quote or testimonial about your experience with the Smart Video Intercom.
When will selected schools receive the free Smart Video Intercom System? Faq arrow
A LiftMaster installer will work with your school to coordinate an installation time that works best for you.
How long does it take to install and get the system up and running? Will installation be disruptive to the school day? Faq arrow
We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and minimize disruptions. Installation time can vary based on the site walk that takes place prior to installation. During that time the installer will assess your needs and (likely) provide an estimate for how long the job will take. Typically, however, installations are completed in about a half day.
Will training be provided? Who will need to be trained? Faq arrow
Yes. Training will be provided to staff who will be managing the Smart Video Intercom System. Our Customer Success Managers will support your staff as they start using our system. Typically, support is most valued for the first three months.