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Mitsubishi Connect + myQ®

Stay Connected to home with myQ Connected Garage.

Requirements: myQ Connected Garage is only available on select 2018 and newer Eclipse Cross vehicles and on select models of the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. You must have a trial or paid subscription to My Mitsubishi Connect and myQ Connected Garage in order to use this service. MyQ Connected Garage + My Mitsubishi Connect is currently only available for use with Android Auto.


Use the myQ Compatibility Tool to determine if your garage door opener is compatible with the free myQ app.


Using your Android phone, download or launch the My Mitsubishi Connect* app. Go to Settings → Services and select myQ® Connected Garage.


From inside your vehicle, connect your Android phone to your car. This allows you to operate your garage door using your vehicle’s touch screen, from anywhere.

The next frontier in myQ Smart Access solutions.

With Mitsubishi Connect, seamlessly enjoy the convenience of garage control from your in-vehicle touchscreen through myQ Connected Garage.

myQ Connected Garage is a service you can add on to your My Mitsubishi Connect subscription for a monthly or yearly fee and is currently only compatible with Android Auto.

Take myQ on the road.

From grocery store to cross-country road trips, no matter where you go, safely open and close your garage door with convenient in-dash touchscreen control. Always know your home’s busiest access point is closed.

Get started with myQ and Mitsubishi Connect

Link your myQ account to your My Mitsubishi Connect account using your Android™ smartphone. To link your myQ account to the My Mitsubishi Connect account, you must have an active Mitsubishi Connect service plan.

Once your accounts are linked, connect your Android™ smartphone to your car and launch Android Auto.

Your garage door of choice will show up on your vehicle's in-dash touchscreen under the services tab in Android Auto where you can safely open and close it through myQ Connected Garage. No need to interact with your phone while driving.

A safer driving experience.

Enhance your driving experience and stay connected to home through myQ Connected Garage.

Never wonder if you garage door was left open, check the status from your vehicle’s in-dash display.

Keep your focus on the road and safely open and close your garage door from anywhere with seamless in-dash touchscreen control.

myQ Connected Garage is now available on the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander.

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