Your business better connected.

Manage the ins and outs of your community or facility with myQ® Business™ cloud-based access control.

Community Control.

Community managers count on myQ Business to provide their communities with trusted and reliable access every day. Conveniently manage every access point of your community with myQ Business cloud-based access control.



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Knowledge when you need it.

Know if there’s a problem before residents do, with real-time notifications of critical events. Credentialed access gives you insight into every entrance of your property.

Convenient control.

Experience cloud-based control of every access point for any number of communities from a single log-in. Easily set schedules for communities by person, time and location.



On-the-go access.

Live, web-based access allows you to log in from anywhere at any time for when you need to move from one community to the next.

Easy guest entry.

With community managers’ oversight, residents can use the guest management feature to grant temporary access to visitors instead of handing out their personal entry code.

Learn More About myQ Business Community

 Download the brochure to learn more about keeping up with all of your facility's comings and goings with myQ Business Community.

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Connect your community.

Learn more about myQ Business Community and accompanying hardware, including access controls, keypads and card readers.

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Facility Management.

Facility and maintenance managers experience total workplace visualization with myQ Business Facility, providing enhanced knowledge and control of all access points.

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Work smarter.

Make data-driven decisions by analyzing and optimizing commercial door, dock and gate activity, resulting in enhanced productivity, compliance and access control.

Delegate access.

Maintain insight into every facility access point by assigning permission-based access to team members by person, group, time or location.

Keep things going.

Provide your dealer with information on the status of door and operator models, system cycle usage, accessories and more, for first-call resolution and reduced downtime.

Learn More about myQ Business Facility

 Download the brochure to learn more about myQ Business Facility.

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Connect your facility.

Learn more about myQ Business Facility and accompanying hardware, including durable operators and openers for doors, locks and gates.

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