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Clare Controls + myQ®

Smart Home Security plus myQ makes home automation a whole lot easier!


myQ works with Clare Controls.

When you link your myQ account through Clare Controls, you can check to see if your garage door is open or closed, set up alerts and control your door from anywhere all from the ClareHome app.

Convenient Control

Link your myQ garage door opener with Clare Controls for even more convenience. Control your myQ connected garage door via the ClareHome app along with your other Clare home automation products in one simple app.


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  • In the myQ® app menu, click Partners and select Clare Controls
  • Open the partner app, search for myQ and choose to connect
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Don’t have a smart garage? Upgrade now.

Want to link your myQ App with Clare Controls, but don't have a myQ connected garage? Upgrading your opener with myQ technology and smartphone control is easy. All you need is the right opener or myQ accessory. Use the myQ compatibility tool to see what's right for you.

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Get connected with myQ.

 Get connected with myQ.

myQ is compatible with many leading home automation platforms and services.

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Want to upgrade your garage opener? Check out Chamberlain’s smart garage door openers.

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*Link your myQ account with Clare Controls for free. The free account linking subscription offer is available for all users of Clare Controls with a valid myQ account. Cancel your free subscription at any time. The Chamberlain Group, Inc. reserves the right to end the free subscription offer at any time. Customer will be notified before the free account linking subscription offer ends. Cancel or edit your subscription preferences on anytime. ClareHome app is not compatible with myQ remote light control. ©2020 Clare Controls Inc. All rights reserved. Clare Controls logo are trademarks of Clare Controls Inc.
† myQ products, services and partnerships not available in all countries and international regions.