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myQ Connected Garage + Tesla

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Garage control from your Tesla touchscreen

All Tesla Model 3, Model Y and new Model S and Model X can open, close and monitor their garage door safely from their touchscreen. This update provides drivers complimentary access to myQ Connected Garage for 30 days. No credit card required.


myQ Compatibility

Use the myQ Compatibility Tool to determine if your garage door opener is compatible.

If you're signing up for the myQ Connected Garage + Tesla 30-day trial and need to get your opener connected, the universal Smart Garage® Control hub is FREE, just pay $0.99 USD for handling.

Follow the step-by-step instructions from your Tesla center touchscreen and look for the coupon code and link in your Welcome Email.

Already have a myQ account? Your myQ connected devices will automatically sync to your vehicle when you sign up.


New to myQ?

If you don’t already have myQ, download the free app to create an account. Then, simply add your compatible garage door opener as a new device.

App Store

Go to your CENTER touchscreen

Requires software version 2022.44.25 or later. Find myQ Connected Garage in Vehicle Settings > Locks. Click Link Account and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete setup.


Activate your free trial!

Check your phone and follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your myQ Connected Garage subscription. Enjoy a 30-day complimentary trial.

Don’t forget to look for your Welcome Email for the FREE universal myQ Smart Garage® Control hub coupon code.

Subscription Details

Control your garage door from your Tesla


Control within reach

Never wonder if you left your garage door open again. Open, close and monitor your garage door quickly and conveniently from your touchscreen—whether you're home or away. Plus, avoid the distraction of looking at your phone while driving by safely controlling your garage from your Tesla's touchscreen.

Easy setup, seamless connectivity

Simple and quick setup with a QR code means you're connected within minutes—no service appointment or additional programming required. Plus, one subscription covers multiple Tesla vehicles, allowing you to link to garage doors from all your compatible Tesla vehicles. Your service goes with you, even if you get a new Tesla—no need to repurchase.

Seamless vehicle-to-home connectivity

Touchless open and close

Geofenced open and close allows automatic, hands-free control of your garage. Set your preferred distance and your garage will automatically open when you arrive home or close as you leave—without waiting for the lights and beeps from your garage door opener.

Compare plans

10 Years

Best Value (Save 34%)

One-Time Purchase


5 Years

Subscribe for $179 USD

(Save 20%)

Auto Renews


1 Year


Auto Renews

FREE myQ Smart Garage Control hub Included

with 30-day Trial, if you aren’t myQ Connected. ($29.99 USD value, just pay $0.99 USD for handling)

Exclusive myQ Connected Garage features

Auto Open/Close: Hands-free, automated open and close

Smart Geofence: Auto-open and close feature ensures garage doors stay in sync with your car

Immediate Close: No more waiting on beeps and lights for your garage door to close when leaving home

Convenient access: Instant access from your Tesla’s touchscreen

Quick setup: Connect in minutes with a simple QR code scan

All-in-one coverage: The service follows you on all your compatible Tesla vehicles

Immune to Wi-Fi grey zones: Works with your vehicle’s mobile data for uninterrupted use

No myQ? No problem. myQ Smart Garage Control Hub is included with your myQ Connected Garage trial

For a special promotional period, when you activate your Tesla + myQ Connected Garage subscription, you will get your first 30 days of service FREE. By activating your subscription, you are acknowledging your agreement to the Terms of Service and Subscription Agreement found here. A credit card is not required for this offer, and if no payment information has been entered at the end of the trial, service will cease. Prior to your 30-day trial ending, visit myqservices.com and select a subscription plan to ensure uninterrupted myQ Connected Garage service. This service and its terms, including the free-trial period, are subject to change. Fees and taxes may apply. All sales are final. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to link your Tesla to myQ Connected Garage Faq arrow
Prior to linking, please ensure you have an active myQ account with active myQ devices.

On your Tesla center touchscreen, complete the following:
  1. Tap the Vehicle Settings icon
  2. Tap Locks
  3. Under myQ Connected Garage, tap Link Account
  4. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code
    • You will be taken to a myQ page where you can
      • “Sign In” if you have an existing myQ account
      • “Learn more” if you do not have a myQ account or would like to learn more.
Note: The following steps will be completed on the mobile device being used for setup

  1. Sign in using your login credentials
    • Utilize your myQ Email address and Password
    • If applicable, utilize the Amazon, Apple or Google single sign-on method
  2. Review the Authorization Required screen and tap Authorize
    • At this point, your Tesla is now linked with myQ Connected Garage
    • Proceed to set up your 30-day trial
  3. Review 30-day trial details and Tap Next
  4. Review Terms and Conditions and Tap Activate
    • You will receive the “myQ for your Tesla is activated” notification
  5. Tap Finish

Alternate Linking Steps

You can also link your myQ account using the steps below

  1. Tap the Vehicle Settings icon
  2. Tap Controls
  3. On the Top/Right, Tap the Garage Door icon , tap Link myQ Account
  4. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code
    • You will be taken to a myQ page where you can
      • “Sign In” if you have an existing myQ account
      • “Learn more” if you do not have a myQ account or would like to learn more.
Which Tesla Models are compatible with myQ Connected Garage? Faq arrow

All Model Y and Model 3; new Model S and Model X built in 2021 or later.

How to set up the Auto Open, Auto Close feature? Faq arrow
Note: Before starting, please confirm the following:

  • Ensure that your myQ account is already linked to your Tesla. For assistance linking your myQ account, see “How to link your Tesla to myQ Connected Garage” FAQ
  • Ensure your vehicle is in front of the garage door. Be sure to leave enough room for the garage door to open or close.
  1. Tap the Vehicle Settings icon
  2. Tap Controls
  3. On the Top/Right, Tap the Garage Door icon
    • Here you will see a list of available myQ Garage Connected Garages
  4. Tap the Garage Door you wish to configure and tap Set Garage Location
    • If you would like the Garage Door to automatically open upon your arrival, enable Auto Open on arrival
      • You may set the desired distance to auto-open the garage door upon arrival
    • If you would like the Garage Door to automatically close upon your exit, enable Auto Close on departure

Note: If you wish to hear a Chime when the Auto-Open/Auto-Close feature is activated, enable the feature on the bottom/left of your myQ Connected Garage screen


For more support articles, please visit our dedicated Tesla Support Site.