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Help protect your packages with In-Garage Delivery.
It’s FREE for Prime members.

Get Amazon packages and groceries conveniently and securely delivered inside your garage with myQ and Amazon Key. Select “FREE Key Delivery” at checkout when shopping on Amazon. It also works with Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods.


CONVENIENT – have packages and groceries delivered to your garage whether you are home or away


SECURE – help protect your packages from damage, bad weather and going missing

Easy to Use

EASY TO USE – getting set up is quick. Easily link your myQ and Amazon Prime accounts


Get started with myQ garage technology.


Link your account to Amazon Key in the myQ app.


Add items to your car and select "FREE Key Delivery" at checkout. Receive your deliveries in your garage.

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Your package is the key

With Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, Amazon drivers receive one-time, verified access to deliver inside your garage. No need to let drivers in or give out your garage code. Your garage will only open when there is a delivery for your address.

Garage Control

Safe & easy grocery delivery

Receive grocery orders from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market securely inside your garage. Choose In-Garage Delivery at checkout and have peace of mind that your orders are safe inside your garage until you can get them.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery? Faq arrow

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is a secure, convenient way to receive Amazon Prime packages inside your garage. It helps prevent package theft and provides protection from potentially damaging weather like heat and rain. It’s also contactless, because there’s no interaction between you and the delivery associate, or contact between the associate and the garage door.

In-Garage Delivery requires a compatible Smart Garage Hub or Wi-fi Garage Door Opener to enable authorized Amazon delivery associates to leave Amazon packages inside your garage.

How does Key for Garage work? Faq arrow

If you have a myQ connected garage door opener at home, your access can be enabled as simply as connecting your Amazon and myQ accounts in the Key app. If you need to install an In-Garage Kit, it can take one of three forms depending on your needs:

  1. A myQ Smart Garage Hub that enables your existing garage door opener to connect to the cloud,
  2. A new myQ connected garage door opener from either Chamberlain of LiftMaster, and
  3. Either of those with an Amazon Cloud Cam to add video monitoring to your Kit.

Once installed, download the Key app and follow the simple steps to sync to your myQ. Then use the Key app to check the status of your garage door and open/close it no matter where you are. If you choose to add a Cloud Cam, you will also be able to view your cameras live feed and motion clips in the Key app.

How does In-Garage Delivery work? Faq arrow

After installing the Key for Garage Kit, eligible Prime members will be able to choose “in-garage” shipping at checkout when shopping on 

On delivery day, you will receive a notification in the morning with a 4-hour delivery window for when the delivery driver will arrive at your home. Right before the driver arrives at your home, you will receive an “Arriving Now” notification. You can choose to watch the delivery happening live if you have opted to install an Amazon Cloud Cam as part of your In-Garage Kit. The driver will request to open your door via their Amazon handheld delivery device. Amazon verifies that the package(s) belong to the address and the driver is near the correct door, turns on Cloud Cam if you have one, and opens the garage door. No special codes or keys are given to the driver. The driver will then place the package(s) just inside the door and request that it be closed. The driver will not move on to his or her next delivery until the door is completely closed. Once the delivery is complete and the door is closed, and you will get a final notification that the delivery is complete (and can watch a video clip of the delivery if you have a Cloud Cam).

How do I know if I have a compatible garage door opener? Faq arrow

Use our Key for Amazon in-garage delivery eligibility check to see if your garage door opener is compatible with Key.

If I don’t have a Chamberlain opener, do I have to buy a new one? Faq arrow

You can buy a myQ Smart Garage® Control which goes right next to your existing opener and allows you to connect to the Key app. The Smart Garage® Control can be installed without any additional wiring and works with almost all existing garage door openers made after 1993.  Use our myQ compatibility tool to find the best way to connect your garage door opener to myQ.

How much does In-Garage Delivery cost? Faq arrow

Once installed, there is no additional cost to choosing the “In-Garage delivery” option at checkout. 

What if I change my mind about granting access before the package is delivered? Faq arrow

With Amazon Key, customers are always in control. They can cancel an upcoming In-Garage delivery by blocking access through the Amazon Key app on the day of delivery. When customers block access to In-Garage delivery, we will default back to standard delivery, i.e. leaving it on the front porch.

Are there special drivers for in-garage deliveries? Faq arrow

In-Garage deliveries are carried out by some of the same professional drivers who you know and trust to deliver your Amazon orders today. These individuals are thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks and motor vehicle records reviews. 

Where can I get more information or support for Amazon Key or Amazon Prime? Faq arrow

For more information regarding Key, or Amazon Prime deliveries please contact

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