The simple way to a smarter garage.

Get more from your garage door opener with a Chamberlain® Smart Garage™ Hub.


Smart Garage Hub features*

Control from anywhere

Monitor and control your garage door from anywhere and receive real-time notifications with the myQ® App.

Simple setup

Connect to your home network in minutes with the most widely compatible smart garage solution.

Your garage on your schedule

Preset times for your garage door to close or your lights to turn on/off every day.

Easy upgrade.

Add smartphone control to most garage door openers, with a Smart Garage Hub.

Compatibility Tool ➔

Total Garage Control.

Get notifications when your garage is left open and close it right from your smart device.

Share access.

Securely invite up to five users to control your myQ devices.

Smart Garage Hub reviews

“I was very impressed with the app—very detailed, yet easy to follow. I like that I can set alerts for various times of the day. Would definitely recommend. Wish I had bought it sooner.”

—User Jeffrt, Belle River, ON, Canada

“Easy to install. Works as I had hoped. It’s a wonderful product. Only took me about 15 minutes from unwrapping to testing it out!”

—User TJAJR, Florida

 “Pairing the Smart Garage Hub to my existing garage door opener was easy. There were only a few steps and it took me less than 15 minutes to have it linked with the app.”

—User Waxlabo, Los Angeles, CA

 “We love the Smart Garage Hub with myQ! Great for everyone too! When our grown sons visit from out of town, we just have them download the app instead of trying to locate a bulky door opener for their visors.”

—User KristaD, Oklahoma City, OK

 “WThe Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is easy to install and it took me only 15 minutes to set up. I even have it linked to my [...] other smart-home products. I recommend myQ to everyone.”

—User PinoyDr, Orange County, CA

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Smart Garage Hub Frequently asked questions
How do I connect the Smart Garage Hub to the myQ App? Faq arrow

After downloading the myQ App, simply follow the steps on-screen to quickly connect your Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub.   Visit our Support Site for step-by-step programing and installation guides.

Do I need a home Wi-Fi network to use the Smart Garage Hub? Faq arrow

Yes, you will need a home Wi-Fi network with a strong signal in order to use the Smart Garage Hub. Connecting your Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub to your home's Wi-Fi network is simple and easy using the myQ App.  Visit our Support Site for installation and programming guides.

How do I install my Smart Garage Hub? Faq arrow

The myQ App can assist you with installing your Smart Garage Hub. Simply follow the on-screen step-by-step guide within the App and you’re on your way!  For additional help with installation, visit our Support Site.

How do I test and improve my Wi-Fi signal strength? Faq arrow

For help with testing and improving your Wi-Fi signal strength, visit our Support Site.

Need help?

If you need further support on Product Installation or for Troubleshooting, please visit the Chamberlain Group Technical Support Site or send us an email.

*myQ products, services and partnerships not available in all countries and international regions.